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Barber shop


AIM: Providing proper lighting of work-stands and adapting it to the style of the interior.


Proper illuminating of a hairdresser work-stand is very important as it is a place of performing precise work. To design an effective system, not only adequate light intensity values are required at the workplace, but also proper distribution of light, as the work is not performed on a two-dimensional plane, but on the head and face of the client. The light must be installed and directed to prevent casting shadow by the hairdresser on its working area and to properly illuminate the head of a customer at a height of approximately 1.2 m. Moreover, any potential disturbances in modelling of the face must be avoided, as the customers want to see their faces in the most favourable way, while sitting on a chair in a hairdresser salon.

We used VIGO LED luminaries with CRI> 90 and accessories in the form of anti-glare shields to protect the client against dazzle.


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The space was supplemented by PHIL53 luminaries, which are also in black to perfectly illuminate the space of the waiting room and reception. An important element of proper implementation of this system was to consult persons working on individual work-stands. Their comments and needs were taken into account when designing the lighting of the premises in consultation with Katarzyna Taube, interior designer and with the owner of the business.

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