Bedroom – natural beauty


Bedroom – natural beauty


PURPOSE – to create atmospheric lighting of a hotel room/bedroom, praying the role of extra lighting emphasising the modern character of the interior.

Solution – Use of the WALLE 12 profile and a light source of little light intensity and D-type cover. A luminary directed upwards not only gives an interesting decorative effect but also plays the role of indirect lighting. The light beam reflects off the wall and ceiling, which makes the light soft and pleasant.

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  • This solution will work perfectly in the places were you e.g. take a rest and do not need high light intensity.
  • It is worth combining with an interesting finishing of wall surfaces.
  • An excellent solution for bedrooms or hotel rooms. This type of lighting does not interfere with e.g. watching TV but provides sufficient light.
  • An interesting idea is to use the light intensity control which allows for adjusting the light to the needs.
  • Wiring can be laid within the profile, which facilitates installation significantly.
  • We recommend using professional light sources, e.g. the branded OSRAM strips. Light sources of unpleasant or unnatural colour will made you feed bad. To avoid colour distortion (of e.g. the wall) application of the LED strip with possibly high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is recommended. In the case of most brand strips it is 80.

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