Minimalism and elegance in a bathroom


Minimalism and elegance in a bathroom


PURPOSE: interesting architectural lighting, emphasising modern character of the bathroom.

Highlighting characteristic materials used for the bathroom finishing – elements of wooden structure, concrete and natural stone.

Tight luminary of moderate lumen output.

Solution – for their small sizes, LED strips and profiles are used in modern interiors, in the places where traditional light sources could not be used, e.g. in the bath casing. With a tight cover and sealed end plugs, the FLOOR12 profile will work excellent in this type of solutions. The line lighting emphasises simple shapes and greatly increases the interior aesthetics.

The current of 12V or 24V ensures safety if used near a bath or a shower.

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  • Lighting a bath by mounting a LED profile in a specially designed groove at the floor-bath connection is an interesting idea. The bottom base of tiles can be recessed by approx. 5-10cm and place the FLOOR12 profile underneath, directed towards the floor. This solution is also very ergonomic as you can stand at the bath comfortably (e.g. to wash it).
  • Remember to tight the cover-profile connection precisely, with silicone.
  • It is recommended to use brand light sources, possible replacement or servicing in the tiles will be very difficult. To light the natural wood elements, use a LED strip of high CRI to avoid distortion of natural wood colours. With the proper light colour, the wood-characteristic structures will be highlighted. At the same time, a correctly selected light colour supports relax and encourages users to stay in such a room.
  • The OSRAM Linear Light of approx. 3000K light colour will work great in this case.
  • Consider the profile mounting method (adhesive, screws) before installing tiles or fittings. As the tiles are installed, mounting a LED strip can be difficult.
  • Take care of appropriate place for the LED power supply. Remember that the LED power supply are of limited life and possibly they will need replacement some day. At the same time, the power supply primary voltage of 230V indicates it should be located as far as possible from a bath or a shower.

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