Installation accessories

SYSTEM HOLDERS – compatible with many different profiles.


Spring U holders for the profiles marked with “U” in their names, i.e.:



Spring Y holders compatible with the profiles having “Y” in their name, i.e.:



Spring Z holders for (the profiles with “Z” in their names): SLIM8 A/Z, SMART10 A/Z.

All accessories necessary to create a lighting system


Holders aluminium, marked with X: SURFACE10 BC/UX, DEEP10 BC/UX, FLAT8 H/UX, GROOVE10 BC/UX, CORNER10 BC/UX, CORNER27 G/UX, BACK10 A/UX,

Holders aluminium, marked with T: SURFACE14 EF/TY, LINEA20 EF/TY, GROOVE14 EF/TY, CORNER14 EF/TY.


Straight holders match only one specific profile (included in the holder’s name). This is an alternative to standard mounting which enables profile installation at right angle to the installation surface.


The category of SPECIAL PROFILES includes those which are compatible with much more holders.

So, for example, the LED OVAL20 profile, apart from the most common side holder (the wardrobe bar function), there are also: a straight holder and an extension arm.. With the extension arm, it is possible to obtain a bar mounted directly to the wall or a curtain rod.

The LED PEN8 profile has the highest number of dedicated holders, which allows for implementing even very complex lighting projects. You can choose from: extension arms mounted to the furniture (threaded) or to the wall (false ceiling), as well as strut, articulated, single and double holders.


Connectors straight aluminium connectors give an easy method of connecting 2 sections of profiles. The X or T  marking – just as in the case of holders – can help in selecting a correct holder for a given LED profile.


L aluminium holders, which enable us to connect profiles at right angle, are available for the profiles: SURFACE10, GROOVE10, CORNER10, SLIM8.

There are 7 different angle connectors available for  the LED LINEA20 profile , including 2 for connecting profiles on two right-angle surfaces.

TOPMET also offers 3 Q connectors for connecting the LED FRAME14 profiles on one surface and a 90 degree connector foe connecting profile sections on the right-angle surfaces.


Slings enabling creation of hanging luminaires are important accessories to LED profiles. They are particularly recommended for the LED LINEA20 profile but they are also compatible with most profiles. They can be installed directly on the profile or with the use of spring holders.

The SELV 50V 1500 sling is a power-supply option (the cable resistance to load = 20 N), while the sling for the LED 1500 holder (the cord resistance to load = 100 N) requires a separate power supply cable provided apart from the two cords. Both versions are 1500 mm long.

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