Stationery accesories – IQ galery part I



AIM: Modernizing the existing display cabinets illumination and reduction of operating costs.PLACE: Display cabinets in a shop of IQ company are used to display exclusive pens, ball-pens, playing cards, watches and office accessories.Proper lighting for this type of product required the use of high-quality light sources supplied by OSRAM and joined together with MIKRUS S system. This system allows to modify the number of luminaries and their arrangement with the changing display. CORNER14 profiles with TOPMET LED modules, mounted on top of the cabinet, were used as additional lighting profiles. The use of angular profiles is not accidental – by directing light directly on the product we avoided glare affecting the customer view of the display.


We also replaced ceiling metal-halide lighting with the VIGO LED projectors installed on a lighting tracks. The whole system reduced the costs of lighting electricity consumption by 50%.

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